To present professional theatrical productions that reflect the diversity of North Carolina and teach educational residencies that bring North Carolina

high school students into direct contact with professional artists.

What does RhinoLeap mean?

RhinoLeap took off in 2015 as a joint venture between Tom and Patrick Osteen.  When naming the company, Patrick wanted it to be something ancient doing something unexpected.   RhinoLeap was born.  A professional theater company doing the unexpected.  Jeremy Skidmore joined in 2016 as Artistic Director and began to center the  programming around social change and community building through art and education.  In 2017, we became a non-profit, Matt Acheson brought his puppetry expertise to the company, and our residency began at the Sunset Theatre in Asheboro, NC.  We have been taking leaps of faith ever since.

Where is the Sunset Theatre?

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Tom OsteenExecutive Director

Email Tom at Osteen@rhinoleap.com

Jeremy SkidmoreArtistic Director

Email Jeremy at jeremyskidmore@gmail.com

Matt Acheson - Associate Artistic Director

Patrick Osteen - Associate Artistic Director

Cameron Wade - Resident Drama Therapist

Dorothy Austin-Harrell - Resident Designer

Noah Trimner - Resident Designer

Board of Directors

John Revel, Chairman

Jacqueline Vruwink, Vice-Chairman

Tom Henslee, Secretary/Treasurer

Candice Bongiovanni

Dustie Gregson

Philip Homiller

Jane Ledwell-Gant

Dr. Thomas Osteen

Walter Sprouse

Board of Advisors

David Smith, Mayor

Asheboro, NC

Robert Beseda, Associate Dean (Retired)

University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Hannah Grannemann, Director of Arts Management

University of North Carolina - Greensboro

Elbert Lassiter, Vice-President for Continuing Education

Randolph Community College