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High School

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Where We Teach

Our innovative residencies are specifically held on high school campuses to capture the curious.  They are offered both during and after school.

We have conducted residencies in 17 different counties across North Carolina!


Our residencies are supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources, with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional funding comes from county arts councils and private donors.

What We Teach

RhinoLeap's residencies focus on empathy building, communication, and abstract problem solving.  They are always led by professional working actors.  Students are exposed to film, puppetry, music, movement, writing, and improvisation.


RhinoLeap's actors guide the creation of original, student-generated projects that are given public performances in which our actors perform alongside the students.  That structure is unique. Each of our actors and every student work together, create together and perform together.

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Why We Teach

It is only by combining data and emotion that theater education can be measured. It is one thing to talk about how theater education is proven to increase reading scores, vocabulary, and the understanding of complex questions. It is quite another to describe how it also jumpstarts self-motivation, builds empathy, and creates a sense of community. Those evaluations are immediate, objective and powerful. 


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