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A murder of crows.  A parliament of owls.  A school of fish.  A CRASH OF RHINOS.

Join the Crash!

For only $50 per month your support will make our live productions,

radio shows & education programs happen ALL YEAR LONG.

In return, you get TOTAL access to all  events.  No additional charges.



RhinoLeap is based in the exact center of North Carolina. This makes us uniquely situated to hire artists from all over the state. When RhinoLeap artists are not on stage they are in the classroom leading innovative residencies on the campuses of North Carolina public schools. 


If you believe in RhinoLeap’s work with artists and public school children, then become a Member. 


As a Member, you get 100% access to ALL of RhinoLeap’s events. Every live production. Every radio show. Every special event. No additional charges.

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